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Miami-Dade & Broward County Home Buyers FAQ's

As your South Florida real estate expert, I pride myself in providing my clients with the most up-to-date information on the South Florida real estate market. This section provides discerning Miami & Broward luxury home buyers like yourself with practical tools and information-rich resources to help you feel more confident about your real estate investment. No doubt about it, buying a luxury South Florida property is all about having a local real estate expert to assist you and manage the fine details of the transaction and guide you through the home buying process.

Below is a small sample of frequently asked questions submitted by some of my recent South Florida real estate clients.  To learn more about how I help you as a South Florida home Buyer and/or home Seller navigate the South Florida real estate market every day, please call Scott Patterson at 954-661-8871 or click here today!

Q. I recently accepted a position in the entertainment industry which requires I relocate to the South Florida area. Moving from New York City, I’m apprehensive about hurricanes. What reassurances can you give me to alleviate my concerns about the weather in South Florida?

A. Like many who relocate to the greater South Florida area, fears of a hurricane are understandable. South Florida residents and our government have made many improvements to our infrastructure and taken many precautions in the event of a storm, plus our building codes, building materials and the type of construction used today are far superior to those used in the past. Given the infrequency of storms hitting precisely in our area such as Aventura, Golden Beach, Sunny Isles, Golden Shores, North Miami, Hallandale, Golden Isles, Hollywood, Hollywood Beach, Hollywood Lakes, Las Olas, Rio Vista, Harbor Beach among other communities. Unlike other natural occurrences like earth quakes, mud slides, fires and etc which South Florida does not have, with hurricanes you have more than five days to prepare. South Florida and its Atlantic Ocean is like living in paradise so hurricanes are just natural events that we learn to live with.  

If you are relocating either from Miami-Dade or Broward County or anywhere from around the world, please contact Scott Patterson 954-661-8871 or click here

Q. I am new to the South Florida area, what resources are available for service providers such as landscape architects, maintenance providers, contractors, interior design and etc for my new South Florida home?

A. Scott understands his clients wants and needs and as such has built a comprehensive list of trade and service providers to address the needs of the many South Florida homeowners that are new to the area, such as contractors, interior designers, landscapers, painters, movers to even restaurant and shopping recommendations.

Q. I am interested in a property I found online. When I called the listing agent, she disclosed that the Seller was only accepting "cash offers". What does this mean? I do not think many Buyers carry cash around to a closing?

A.  A "cash offer" in the state of Florida does not translate into a Buyer bringing actual cash to a closing, it simply means the offer must not be contingent on the buyer obtaining financing, like a mortgage.  Nevertheless the Buyer can, and still do often obtain the cash via a mortgage, however it simply isn't dependent on you actually obtaining the financing whether you do or don't secure a loan.  The reason many Sellers do not want to accept offers with a financing contingency is because they are still not guaranteed a sale since the Buyer might not be able to secure a loan.  Once a Seller accepts an offer with a financing contingency, the property will no longer be available to other potential interested Buyers as it will be "under contract" for the time being.  A loan also comes with what banks call  "Conditions", which outline reasons why the bank can revoke the financing from the Buyer, therefore allowing the Buyer to cancel the contract.  These conditions in the State of Florida allow the Buyer to cancel the contract and receive their full escrow deposit back leaving the Seller at risk since they might have moved our of their hope, potentially purchased or rented another home and then come to find out the Buyer was not able to secure financing/mortgage, leaving the Seller will no recourse.  Cash Transactions are very common in the higher priced homes and condos selling for $800K and higher.   

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