South Florida

Land for Sale

If you want to build your dream home or need a place to dock your boat, you may want to consider purchasing your own land in the South Florida area. Here, you'll uncover acreage near the ocean, the Biscayne Bay, or a bit further inland, as well as deeded docks for vessels of every size. Whatever type of real estate you crave, you can trust us to serve as your land experts. 

Have questions about buying land in South Florida? You aren't alone—the Scott Patterson Team is here to help! 

Land and Docks for Sale in South Florida


Why Buy Land in South Florida?

It's a blank canvas

When you buy land, it's quite literally a blank canvas—you can do whatever you want! Many land buyers work with builders to craft their ideal home from the ground up, while others purchase smaller waterfront lots to serve as a boat dock. If you can dream it, you can probably find it here in South Florida.

Endless options

Before you start your land search in South Florida, take some time to outline what you're looking for in a property. Do you want ocean frontage with access to a dock? Are you searching for a larger inland plot to build a home? Do you need improved or unimproved land? These are all questions your agent can help you answer.

Return on investment

Land is a finite resource, which means it will always go up in value over time. Even if you purchase land or a dock and don't do anything with it, you'll likely be able to sell and make a profit within a few years. Properties with bay or ocean views tend to appreciate the fastest, especially if the view is protected.

What to Consider Before Buying Land

Buying land can be similar to purchasing a home, but there are a few questions you'll want to ask before taking the plunge.

What type of land do you need?

Depending on how you want to use your land, you'll need to consider the different types available to you. If you plan on building a home, browse residential plots that are large enough for your house. Here in South Florida, you can also purchase commercial land for your business or a dock for your boat. Be sure to ask if a property already has utilities, too—it'll save you a lot of money down the line as you build!

What does zoning look like for this property?

All plots are subject to zoning, which dictates what you can and cannot do on a property. Typically, land is divided into three categories: residential, commercial, and agricultural—but that's not all you'll find here in South Florida. Reach out to the local Planning and Zoning Department to get the full story on any land you want to buy.  

What's the property tax situation?

Because land typically has nothing on it, you'll pay fewer property taxes over time. However, if you build or make improvements, your taxes will likely go up. Even if you don't alter your land in any way, you'll still be responsible for paying taxes—and if you have any questions about annual costs, your agent can provide valuable insight. 

Purchase Land in South Florida 

If you're ready to start your land search in South Florida, our team would love to help track down your perfect place. Just drop us a line at 954-661-8871, and we'll get started on securing a private slice of paradise for you!

Need to sell a plot of land? We can certainly help with that, too.