South Florida

Condos with a Boat Slip

There is no experience greater than being able to walk down from your luxurious South Florida condo, step onto your boat, and set sail onto the beautiful waters of the Atlantic. With your new condo with a boat slip, you can enjoy this convenient lifestyle daily. It’s the kind of life that many strive for, and you’re just a quick search away from it. 

Work with Scott Patterson to find a condo with a boat slip that fits your needs and wants so you can enjoy the serenity of living off the crystal waters of the Southeast coast.

Condos with Boat Slips in South Florida


Why Buy a Condo with a Boat Slip?

Save on Storage

With a condo boat slip, you will save money because you won’t have to store your boat in costly marinas or storage depots when not in use. You'll be able to  keep up with maintenance, your boat will remain in good shape, and  you will have extra money to put into your sailing trips.

Great for Resale

A condo with convenient features is likely to sell faster than a basic home. South Florida condos with boat slips can get you a little more on your resale as they give prospective buyers a private space to dock their vessel. Should you ever sell your beachside condo, that boat slip will help make it a quick sale.

Immediate Access to Your Boat

Unlike with separate docks or boat storage, with a condo and a boat slip, if you want to go for a ride, you just need to walk down to your designated spot. South Florida condos with boat slips give you easy access to your boat and there’s no need for a trailer to transport it to a designated launching point.

Details of Owning a Boat Slip

When looking to buy a South Florida condo with a boat slip, keep these factors in mind.


Unless you have a camera pointed at your boat 24/7, you need to consider just how secure it is in your new boat slip. Even if the condo offers security of some sort, be it a locked gate or a manned guard station, you will want to think about how you can further enhance the protection of your property.

Wet Slip vs. Dry Slip

If you have a preference between a wet slip or a dry slip, it will definitely play a part in your final decision. If you’re not sure, you should be keen on the pros and cons of each. For example, a wet slip keeps your boat ready to launch but may sacrifice security whereas a dry slip can protect your boat from the elements but requires more prep before sailing.

Who’s Responsible for Upkeep

Whenever you move into a South Florida condo with an HOA, you should always know what your responsibilities are. For your boat slip, should you be taking care of any maintenance and do you cover the cost of repairs? Review all documents before signing and ask questions if something isn’t clear. You don’t want the slip to go into disrepair or incur HOA fees because you thought it was the association's responsibility.

Ready to Dock in South Florida? 

If you're ready to dock in South Florida, our team would love to help track down your dream home here. And if you're already a South Florida local, then you know the luxuries that buying a dockside home would bring. Whether you're looking for a laid-back condo with a community dock or a sprawling waterfront estate with its own private dock, you can count on Scott Patterson to find your perfect fit. Just drop him a line at 954-661-8871, and get started on securing a waterfront slice of paradise for you!